EmailSentry™ Uninstall/Remove Instructions

Microsoft says that all you should have to do to remove any Add-in is use Add/Remove Programs, but we have found it is sometimes important to remove EmailSentry from Outlook first.

Remove EmailSentry from Outlook

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Open the File menu
  3. Choose Options
    File Menu
    (click to enlarge)
  4. Choose AddIns
    File Menu Options
    (click to enlarge)
  5. Click the Go... button next to Manage: COM Add-ins
    File Options Add-ins
    (click to enlarge)
  6. Uncheck EmailSentry and then click the Remove button
    (older installs may see "CsCheckTLS_OA" instead of "EmailSentry")
    Manage COM Add-ins
    (click to enlarge)
    Answer Yes to any "Are you sure?" prompts
  7. Close Outlook

Remove EmailSentry from Add/Remove Programs

  1. Open Control Panel and then Add/Remove Programs
    Windows protected your PC: More info
    or type "add or remove programs" in Windows Search (the little circle icon second from the left on your windows toolbar) and then press return
    Windows protected your PC: More info
  2. Give Windows a few seconds to find all the programs on your system, then scroll down to EmailSentry (or CsCheckTLS_OA)
  3. Left click on EmailSentry (or CsCheckTLS_OA) and choose Uninstall
  4. Answer yes to any "Are you sure?" questions
  5. EmailSentry and all its files are removed from your system