There are two ways to cancel your subscription: from our site or from PayPal.

When you use this screen to cancel from our site, we ask if you are sure, update our records, and then transfer you to PayPal to cancel your recurring subscription payment there. You should complete the process at PayPal -- it is not easy for us to "convince" PayPal that you do not want to be charged.

You can also cancel at any time by going directly to PayPal. Login to your PayPal account, choose your CheckTLS recurring "subscription", and cancel it. Since we never have your payment information, we cannot charge you without your, via PayPal, consent.

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Cancel Subscription parameter entry

We are sorry to lose you. Is there anything we could do to CheckTLS to make it more useful to you, say some other feature or help with making CheckTLS work for you? Please let us know if so!