One-Time Batch

A monthly subscription allows you to test many addresses many times. But if you have a batch of addresses you want to test just once, a monthly subscription may be overkill.

We think most users will find a subscription useful for more than just that one batch test, but if you are sure you just want a one-time batch test we can do it for you. Rather than have you sign up for a subscription, learn how to use CheckTLS, run your tests, and then cancel your subscription, we can run your batch for you for a penny per target ($1 per hundred addresses, minimum $25).

We invoice via PayPal, where you can pay by credit card without creating a PayPal account.

Contact Us for more information or just send us your list of addresses and a purchase order or other approval of the charge and we will return your results in two business days.

Your list of addresses should be just domains, which is just the part after the @ sign in an email address. All addresses in a domain use the same email servers and so all have the same "security score". There is no need to test multiple addresses from a single domain, and we (CheckTLS) don't want to keep email addresses for privacy reasons.

You can send the list as a text file, one target per line, or in an Excel spreadsheet, one target per row, for example:

Your results will be returned as a CSV text file showing:

(our Confidence Factor)
(Perfect Forward Secrecy)
For example: YourCompany One-Time Batch Target,Score,Version,PFS,DANE,117,TLSv1_3,yes,pass,0,,,,50,,,,96,TLSv1_2,yes,fail,102,TLSv1_2,yes,pass,72,TLSv1_1,no,fail,117,TLSv1_3,yes,pass,0,,,,50,,,,96,TLSv1_2,yes,fail,102,TLSv1_2,yes,pass,72,TLSv1_1,no,fail

You can add fields or specify test options from our //email/testTo: ("TestReceiver") test. Just include any special requests when you send us your info.