EmailSentry™ Installation Options

There are two options for installing EmailSentry.

Option one is a ClickOnce application (See Wikipedia: ClickOnce and Microsoft: ClickOnce).

Option two is a Windows Installer (MSI) (See Wikipedia: Windows Installer and Microsoft: Windows Installer).

After installing, EmailSentry must be configured. See EmailSentry Initial Configuration.

Why a Two Step (Install and Configure) Process?

The Add-in is customizable, such as adding white-listed domains that you know are good (or you know are bad but you don't care). When you make a change to the Add-in's configuration, the two-step process allows them to just do the second step rather than a complete new install.

Like the MoreInfo page used to install and support the Add-in, it's config file can be hosted at your web site, so you do not need to contact CheckTLS to make changes.


Troubleshooting information is available here.